Breaking Into Cuba - Folk & Lore

Breaking Into Cuba

Virginia to Kentucky to Ohio to Pennsylvania to Florida to Mexico to Cuba and then make a left by the drunk toothless man dancing in the street and boom, you're here.

  • Drying clean laundry in our air conditioned room.

  • A couple of our neighbors across the street.

  • View from the balcony.

  • Havana from our apartment.

  • Our apartment is upper middle class for Cuban locals.

  • Streets of Havana.

  • Havana

  • Havana shoreline before sunrise.

  • Larissa walking along one of the many beautiful hotels in downtown Havana.

  • What else would she be doing in a beautiful tropical island?

  • Havana hotel interior.

  • Streets of Havana.

  • Cuban street dog. They are everywhere. And they are sad.

  • On day two in Havana, it was pouring rain, so Larissa haggled with a bicycle taxi from $4 to $3 to lug our two bodies through the rugged streets to one of the hotels where we could get access WiFi. It was a rough ride.

  • Coffee via our french press in the morning. It's actually really good. Very smooth. Not bitter.

  • A view from inside of our apartment looking out towards the balcony. Yes, we have fish that we have to take of.

  • Our view from our balcony in Havana. It's a strange kind of beautiful.

  • These trees our everywhere. We think they are a springtime flowering tree.

  • Walking out of the airport in Havana.

  • Immigration. Here we go.

  • Moments before leaving Cancun, a rip roaring thunderstorm came through and flooded the streets. It was pretty incredible.

  • Cancun's version of bacon. Except that it's thick. And also it's beef. And it had bones. And it tastes nothing like bacon.

  • Nights in Cancun city spent lamp-side while we worked to earn our travels.

  • Taco's lunch at a local outdoor grill/cafeteria: Two corn tortillas filled with pastor (lamb) and chorizo (smoked pork) and topped with lime, pineapple, and onions.

  • Outdoor restaurantes are everywhere in Cancun city. This is where the locals eat. The taco is to Cancunians what the burger is to Americans. Most eateries are literally 10x10 holes in a cement wall where a person stands and serves food or a wooden box strapped to a bicycle filled with a small grill and ingredients. This is one of the more fine dining establishments.

  • Taco dinner: Chorizo (smoked lamb) and pork on grilled corn tortillas and added cucumbers, lime, and onion.

  • Dinner: Huge grilled shrimp with butter and garlic dipping sauce, steamed veggies and rice.

  • How we spend 90% of our travels: in bed, pants-less, computer on our lap, and deep in thought while we work. It's a ... bittersweet ... experience.

  • The view out of the master suite in our Airbnb home. It's deceptively rural. Our house overlooks a park across the street full of green. Below is a very urban, yet very nice for Cancun city, neighborhood.

  • Patio off the kitchen of our Airbnb house. Worked well for a sweaty 90 degree breakfast once.

  • It took 3 flights to get to Cancun. After pulling a last minute packing-all-nighter, we flew from Cincy to Philepdelphia to Miama where we boarded our plane and were forced to wait 2.5 hours with no A/C while they determined if the plane was flyable. Right about the time when people started to angrily abandon the plane and fights with flight attendants were happening regularly, we were finally told to get off the plane and await further instructions. We boarded another flight an hour later. Still no-go on the A/C.

  • Last Ohio sunrise before hitting the road.

  • Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

  • Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

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